Food Pantry

There are multiple ways food is made available to the community:
– A variety of individual items are stocked in the Food Station
– Meals for Four are prepared and placed in the storage tubs near the Food Station
– Seasonally, fresh food is available to pick from the garden

Here’s how you can help support this ministry:

Donate food items to the church

The following items are commonly needed, but any non-perishable grocery items are always welcome:
*canned fruit – large size cans preferred
*canned vegetables – green beans, carrots, corn, etc.
*canned/pouch meats – tuna, chicken, ham, shelf stable sausage and meat sticks
*pasta and rice mixes – many meals use 2 each
*cereals, pancake mix and syrup
*peanut butter, jelly, mayo
*packaged cookies
*toothbrushes and toothpaste in original packaging are also appreciated

Volunteer to assemble meals

All supplies and food items are stocked in the food pantry area of the downstairs fellowship hall, all assembled meals should serve 4 people.

Standard Meals for Four contain:
*main entree recipe items
*canned vegetables, 2 small or 1 large (if no veggies are included in main entree recipe)
*canned fruit, 2 small or 1 large
*package of cookies

If you would like to assemble meals at home, place your meal ingredients in a paper grocery bag with the entree recipe information attached and bring them up to the church. For examples of shelf stable meals to assemble, click here.

Donate money to the Food Pantry

Online: use the link on the Donate page to donate to the Food Pantry fund

In person: you can leave a donation in the offering plate during Sunday Service, please designate your offering as ‘Food Pantry’

By mail: you can mail a check to the mailing address found on the Donate page, please mark ‘Food Pantry’ on the memo line of the check

Volunteer in the vegetable garden

If you would like to help with the vegetable garden, please contact Susan Pritchett

For more information about getting involved, please contact Susan Pritchett