February 1, 2021


This past Sunday, Kim Boettner asked us to tell her what our favorite Bible stories are. I encourage each of us to think about and begin to talk about our stories.

For me I have lots of favorites. Interestingly enough, when I was in confirmation, I really struggled with Jonah’s story. It may seem strange to you that I was a pain in my confirmation class. I questioned the validity of the story since no one could live after being in the fish for 3 days and 3 nights. My Pastor invited me to have the conversation with him one-on-one if that gives you any idea as to what kind of challenge I was in the classroom. Don’t worry, at the end of confirmation when it was time to be examined before the congregation, I was the only one of the confirmands who did not know what questions I would be asked.

Reflecting on the Jonah story, I too struggled with God’s call on my life. I too found lots of reasons for not moving forward. Ah, but God is persistent and loving and continued to nudge me through the Spirit. Two times in my life I have lost a job and I can see now how it was like I was in the belly of fish, living in darkness and fear. I too prayed for deliverance and God did just that. Each time, I took a step toward ordained ministry. The first time I went to Seminary. After I graduated, I ended up going back into the workplace; after all, I had three kids either in college or about to be in college. The second time, I did an internship at SOTH and through the grace of God and the generosity and discernment of the SOTH family of faith, I became an ordained minister.

We serve a loving and faithful God and I am so blessed to live and serve with each of you. What is your favorite Bible study? I look forward to hearing it. Please do share.

Pr. Carolyn