Like Continuing Education in many career fields, adult education in the church helps us to obtain a broader and deeper understanding of our faith. Often, we Affirm our Baptism in our early teen years and assume we know what we need to know because we have already been Confirmed. However, as teenagers none of us really understand the things that life will throw at us in college, during young adulthood, marriage or career.  

Adult education occurs as groups come together to discuss a specific scripture text (i.e. the weekly Gospel lesson), a series of scripture texts (i.e. Parables), books or even videos. In recent classes we have done a Spiritual Gifts study, Jesus’ Parables, discussed books on Modern Christianity and The Heart of Christianity.

Adult Forum

The Adult Forum is not meeting in person while the church is closed due to COVID-19.

Please join us via Zoom starting 10 minutes after Sunday Worship ends, use the Zoom link found on the Home Page.

Adult Forum meets every Sunday after Worship ends. Join us as we gather together to discuss and share, to teach and to learn. Our curriculum is always changing, maybe you would like to revisit and discuss the Creeds, Commandments or Prayer? Or talk about what is in the Bible and why it was chosen?  We are always looking for input for future classes and discussions.

Wednesday Bible Study

Check back soon for more information